Technology Leaps – the Blind ‘See’ , the Deaf ‘Hear’

[The Herald] Muthoki Mumo -- These are the sights Zachary Muasya remembers from the time before he lost his sight: his mother's face; a mango tree from a distance; a rainbow on a drizzly day; the curvature of the sky on the horizon, enclosing the earth as if it were a dome.When he was five, disease took away his sight. He would never be able to see his mother again. Zachary learnt to live with this loss, learning to navigate a world whose visions were receding into memory.

source: AllAfrica News: Zimbabwe

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Shaun of the Dead

[Daily Maverick] Did President Jacob Zuma drink National Prosecuting Authority director Shaun Abraham's brain? What other explanation is there for the advocate's lurch toward ultimate ignominy: acting as the lead zombie in the goring of the country's finance minister right between a) the reading of the mid-term budget on October 26, and b) the international rating agencies evaluations on December 2. As we stumble toward the abyss, Shaun of the Dead, aided by his innumerable slavering henchfolk, doesn't seem to care whether

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